Saturday, August 13, 2016

Aug 13 - not 48 hours later

I'm back out there, getting after it again.  I'm just so excited that I'm seeing it about to be drivable, I can't stay away from it.  :-)

I've got the wife to help set the engine cover on.  I blocked up a couple of 2x4's and one 2x6 to hold the center up properly.  I've got the hinges screwed in to the body so I can lift the engine cover.  After that I was testing out the alignment of the 3rd brake light.  Which looks like it will go in on this next body pull. 

So Monday the body will come off (hopefully for the last time) and I will get the engine cover mounted/aligned better to stay.  The 3rd brake light will get it's mounting holes on the engine cover drilled and have that unit screwed on.  And last but not least I will get the air ducts mounted in kitty hair into the body for good.  Final radiator mounts will go in and the next time the body goes on I will plumb it for water to be added to the motor.

Tomorrow will have an update on the radiator fan mounts that I have come up with.  I did get one 50% done tonight, but will wait for tomorrow's update to show the pictures of what that looks like.  It is using what is already there to be a good mount point to hang the weight of the fan unit onto.  The rest of the mounting will only to better secure it from moving around and not really be weight bearing.

So here are some pics of the engine cover on for trial fit and the 3rd brake light looks like it will be right at home once mounted.


  1. Awesome man. I wish I could be there to help and see it come together.

  2. Me too man. :-D I wish I could be there to do it too. HA HA
    I should have another post go up tonight. I'm making little mounts to hold my fan shroud to the back of the radiator. Got to fabricate every little thing when you build your own ya know. :-)

  3. Mark, the lines are beautiful. You look almost space op for me and this FABulous creation. Can't wait to see it in motion.