Sunday, August 14, 2016

Aug 14 - fan shroud mounts are on

So I was figuring out the best way to use what I already have and in this case I have my 95TA fans that have their own shrouds; and a pretty easy method for making load bearing mounts.  I measured where the pin at the top of the radiator is in reference to the edge of the radiator itself (top cap) so I can pull the shroud right up against that spot.  And where in elevation to hang the radiator fan shroud to make sure it can cover the most of the area to draw air through the fan.  So as is typical of something that is elegant, when you see it, it looks like a simple thing.  That there couldn't be much engineering in it for it to be the way that it is.  And sometimes you just get lucky in that it is easy to make as well.

I got a little of both this time around.  I got something that was pretty straight forward and yet is considering a lot of different elements in its design at the same time.  I'll let the simple pictures tell the rest of the story.  For those that get it, they'll like the simplicity that it turned out to be; and for those that don't get it, don't worry, it really is as simple as it looks, its just got a lot more thought in it than you may think.  :-)

The pin that sits at the top center of the radiator.  This is where I will hang the weight of the fan and shroud from.

My first one I assembled, it was late and the lighting wasn't good.  I didn't take pictures of the process until the next day when I did the next one.  You'll see differences in the two and they're there for a reason.

The next one.  As I built it.
The plate itself is tapped 10-24 and screws run through it, then a nylon lock nut is applied to lock that thread from vibration taking it out.

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