Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Aug 8 - Test mounting on car

We got our first chance to have some help over in a while, so I took advantage of it.  I got folks to help lift the body to set it on the frame and check out if my radiator fitments would work out or not.  After having it on, off and on again, it looks like not.  But we are SO close!  Less than an inch.  I'd say about 5/8" is all that we lack in getting it on the money.  But the body needed to come forward that much and it didn't, so it's back to finding that last little bit some place.  I've got those air ducts hitting the frame (as they should do) but they're not 100% in place where they should be.  I also probably need to see if I can mount my radiators vertically inside the ducts, this would make more room all around, not just for the body but for the tail lights to land in their holes and me not need a robotic tool to replace my lamps in the future.  Also it would help with being able to reach in there and remove the radiator cap, if it would ever need to be done.

I managed to get the one bungee cord to hold the radiator and the duct all in one go.  You'll see the bright yellow cord in the bottom most pic.

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