Monday, October 10, 2016

Oct 10 - screwing around

SO today I was driving the car up my driveway and was not able to get more than an idle out of it.  Good thing it makes killer torque, I was pulling this steep assed hill on idle!

My left rear disc is still staying stuck and not relaxing completely.  It's dragging pretty good.  just makes it a pain for now, I'll want to get it freed up before I start making serious test drives in it.

I did put in the parking/turn indicators up front and the reverse lights out back.  Nothing wired yet, just looks cool.  :-)

I've got plenty more to do of course so I'm just nibbling away at it, like a 1541 drive on half-track patrol.  ha ha old C= 64 hacker humor there.  Don't worry if you don't get it, most people wouldn't.

So one of the other things i kinda poked at was aligning the front tires with one another better.  It rolls better now without the toe out or toe in whatever it was, it was horrible.  I forget which it was now after all the screwing around I did with that late in the day.  but now my steering wheel is way off of center while the front tires are centered up pretty good.  I'll tackle the straightening out of the steering wheel when I have more time for such things.

Just trying to get this thing ready for Ohio.  Just the main things to do that are still left.  I did the lights to give it more of a completed look and they were quick and easy to do.  I'll probably hang the doors back on the car for the same reason.  When I put the nose on, if it fits when I go to pull it up into the trailer, then I'll set it with the bolts that close up that gap between the body and the nose.  So it'll look better and stay in place for a while.  Re-Train the fiberglass where its shape is supposed to be.  You can see the big warpage look in the top pic.  It is not supposed to look like that of course.  Easy enough to fix wiht some 1/4-20 hardware.

I think I'll work on cleaning out the passenger's side and fixing both my bucket seat shells in there so they'll quit moving around while i'm trying to drive.  :-)

I'll get the trailer out and cleaned out/checked out to make sure it is ready for the road. pull it around with all the stuff that is in it for now to see how it does.  Put some air in the tires.  There's a ton going on between now and time to hit the road.

Y'all take care and keep the rubber side down, I'm 10-10 and on the side.  ;-)
CB humor for those that get that, due to the date of course.  I couldn't pass it up.
:-D hee hee


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