Friday, October 28, 2016

Oct 28 - catch up entry

A lot has happened in the last 10 days since my last blog up date for the build diary.  I got the car wired a little bit further along with adding in the f-body wiring harness from the 95TA so I can add things in like cruise control.  :-) Right up there with tunes in my book.  Got to have the tunes and the cruise for me to be a happy guy.  Power everything and A/C can come much later.  I'll get to them.  :-D

So I did install the cruise module and cable to the throttle, but have a long way to go to get it to work.  I don't have everything wired to power the computer through the harness so I'm still using my old power connections that my buddy made for me. 

I do have the car running on one fuel injector!  So that's pretty exciting.  Especially because most of the fuel hasn't become fumes yet (due to the cold) and it still runs and makes good power.  When you have a solvent (gasoline), in a vacuum (the intake), it wants to freeze.  So it needs heated so that all of the fuel can become fumes.  This was the Smokey Yunick 400 to 440 degrees F that he talked about.  And what I need a pre-heater to do.  I'm cycling exhaust gases around the box to make it warm, I'm just not doing it enough yet.

I have a couple of Arduino computers running the system so far.  Just enough to get it going.  Of course there will be more updates as I make it a bit more complicated to deal with part throttle drivability (making it smooth).  Both of those report data to a RasPi2 which then makes their variables available via some javascript.  That gets pulled by another RasPi2 which acts as a client and shows the results on a screen so I can see what the system is seeing and what it is generating for an output.  Bar graphs and such.  that output to view friendly hasn't been done yet, but I'm using the same two Pi's that I started a drone POC (Proof of Concept) for a customer that Microsoft eventually took the reigns on.  So of course I haven't heard boo about that since.  So those Pi's were already doing this job with and sending data and updating a browser in real time.  So I'll just change the inputs for the variables and away I'll go.

I did get a backup camera  installed and a screen on board to see it with.  I leave it on all of the time right now so I can see behind me better.  Hard to see out of this car.  It is the same screen that the Pi will use to show me engine info about what it sees and is doing so I'll swap between them as needed once the graphs are available for me to look at.

There are videos to catch up with seeing the progress.  One is of the 2 arduinos and what they do for their jobs.  Most of the others are of the car running and me loading it up for the conference or driving it around the block once we were there, twice!  One video is form inside the car on the 2nd run.

I did get to enjoy driving down my road once I got home.  That was fun because I got to do 2 things I haven't been able to do yet.  One was to adjust the knobs between rich and lean and find my magic number on the EGTs to know where I make power and not too lean to hurt the motor.  The other was.... I got to get in third gear!   That was fun because I haven't been that fast in this car yet.  It needs an alignment and all sorts of dialing in on the suspension before I go out onto a public road.  I'm just fortunate to live on a private road that is about a half mile long so I can get a lot of testing done here before i go out there.  :-)

That smell I was talking about in the video from inside the car was smelling like burning rubber.  But we got out and checked it over and couldn't find anything.  I think it very well may have been the asphalt that I was pulling up with those big tires and slinging it out my intake vents on the quarter panels.  I found lil pieces of gravel and blackness from the road up there.  Couldn't find anything wrong with the car.  Other than it needing a pre-heater.  Once that goes in all of that wasted gas will be a thing of the past.  :-)

Thanks for your time,

p.s. be careful, it's a jungle out there!  ;-)

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