Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Oct 18 - front tire doesn't leak

I've been fighting with a front tire that had a flat spot in it from sitting too long.  I took it to Discount Tires where I bought it from and they hooked me up.  It no longer leaks now.

I've been doing some other things to the car that I haven't posted any updates on.  I added in the 95TA under hood wire harness in the rear of the car.  trying to get it power where it should and ground.  Hopefully that'll be done tomorrow.  Then I can test cranking the car and seeing what I have.  I've also discovered the tach out wire from the PCM so I'm working that out of the harness and sending it to my tach and testing it.  If that comes out good then I'll add in my rpm sense to my computers to make sure my fuel injector does what it should do.

I've got the hot lead from the battery over to the 95TA fusible links and power distribution point that was original for that harness.  So this should power on the PCM now instead of my buddy's make shift power for the PCM.  It has worked and I can switch back to it if I have to, but we'll see what this brings.

I installed a back-up camera and an always on monitor in the car so I can see behind me.  I know these things are hard to see out of, so I'll take all the help I can get.  I put a Gadsden flag lic plate (tag) on the back of my car.  What's really funny about it?  The head of the snake is the backup camera!!!  Talk about big brother watching!  I thought it was pretty funny.  I'm sure the group I'm going to see in Bremen, OH will think it's pretty funny too.

So you can see I've been plenty busy, just not johnny on the spot with the updates so soon after, lately.

I took my 24' enclosed trailer out for a check out drive today.  All I had to do was air up the tires and I found one hub that wanted some grease.  I don't know what you all do, but I take it out for a lil trip at about 45 mph and then I pull over and check the hubs temp with my fingers.  If they get too hot or one is definitely hotter than the others, then I grease that one (in this case).  If all of them are hot (based on current temp conditions) then maybe all of them get some grease.  I go about 10 miles for a distance before I check.  My first check is done about 1 mile away and only to see if everything is still good (connections/lights/elec brakes/etc) and that they're all cold (the hubs).

I'll post pics and updates about the car on the Ohio trip.  I'm sure it'll be a hoot.  That's a great bunch of guys and gals I'll be seeing.

Take care,

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