Thursday, October 6, 2016

Oct 6 - roll out for pics

I decided to put most of the car together for a quick photo shoot kind of thing.  Trying to raise awareness of the Stan Meyers Conference in Bremen, Ohio this Oct 22-23 of 2016.

So this is also the last pics of the windshield install to show.  I will clean up the edges more and put a black rubber mold around it to hide some of the crappy edge parts, but overall it isn't bad.  Especially for it being such a quick job.

Here are those.  Oh and I made a video too!

You can see that I have left the outside protective film on the glass.

Here are the pics I took of the car today.  Hope you enjoy them.  I know I do.  :-D

My fav from these pics!

I love it.  This car is low to the ground tho. The highest point on the roof looks to be about 41.5"!!!

I'll add the 3rd brake light once I get a little further along.

Them 335/30-18's tho!
I always make a pic of me at the back on the milestones achieved!
Real set of Murci wheels!
skull center caps I made. Let me know if you would like some made, just cap without the sticker is $50 for a set of 4.  I make them on my 3D printer out of ABS plastic.
oh damn that's close!

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