Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Oct 5 - Windshield installed

So if you've read the last update with the plan in it, here's the execution with pics.  After building out that frame and having it screwed down, I went out and taped off the windshield, then scuffed it up with 320 grit all around the perimeter.  Broke out the rattle can and went to town.  I laid down 3 coats at 15 min intervals from one another and this was within the hour that the can suggested.  I left that outside for a good while before moving it indoors for the night. That was Oct 4th.

Next morning I came out and unscrewed the frame from the flanged area and laid down the plastic sheet (super thin dust sheet for painting) around the flanged area.  I poked holes through with a tiny flat tip screw driver so the screws could drop down into their holes in the flange.  Put the frame pieces back on and screwed the washers/nuts down on the backs of the screws so it would hold in place.  Sprayed/misted water onto the black painted bit of the windshield.  Applied a bead of gorilla glue to the frame center line.  Misted water onto the frame.  Misted the window again as some of it was evaporating already.  Laid the windshield in place and started clamping and weighing it down.  I did not think about the glue/water mix making the windshield slide down to the front and couldn't get my tabs I had for the bottom of the windshield in place (they fell out while I was maneuvering around).  So the windshield wound up being a little crooked overall, like clockwise a bit from where it should be. 

But it isn't horrible (from what I can tell right now), and I will be able to replace it easy enough when I want that glam look later on.  This is a functional windshield that will do the job for the mule, that this car is.  At some point I will add a rubber mold around the windshield and it'll be harder to tell that the windshield is crooked.  Anyhow.  Here are the pics.

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