Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Mar 08 - I'm now capable . . .

to take every wrong turn possible.

So I have my "new" LS1 steering rack in.  I call it that because it is one of those that they started using when the F-body moved from the LT1 to the LS1 motors.  The last one I had was leaking like crazy and I didn't want this to be my starting point.  Dumping stop leak into my "newly" built car...  :-)

So this is really good because now, even if I didn't add in my power steering pump/reservoir/controller, all-in-one (which you can see in the pictures leaning to one side), I'd still be able to steer this thing now.  Makes it easier for moving it around now too.

But I'm more focused on this thing being a driver very soon than I am about pushing it around.  Aside from the obvious Clutch test that will be under way once my hubs come back from up the road. 

Oh YES!!!  I have sent off my hubs today.  I found some guys who will turn them on a lathe and broach them to the Pontiac G6 axles that I am using in this build.  Oh happy days really are just around the corner!!!

They'll be getting my hubs tomorrow (they're that close by).  And I'll have to tell them that I need the outer hub that centers inside your wheels to be turned down a bit too.  5 or 10 thou I'm guessing would be good.  I can't currently get my Murci wheels on the car properly in the back.  I beat them on and off (insert pun here) with a hammer as they're too tight to mount.

Will be nice seeing this thing on the ground with axles in it, clutch, gas pedal, steering.  Hell, I may even have brakes before too much longer.  Jesus, this car really is getting built isn't it? 

Extremely happy to see this all coming together.  It has been a long time coming.  Been waiting about 13 ~ 14 years to build this thing.  I'm glad it is finally happening.

Take care y'all and WATCH OUT!!!, it's a jungle out there!!!  :-)


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