Sunday, March 13, 2016

Mar 13 - more of the little things

Today I cleaned up some sanding spots. Chased down a couple of wires on the steering column. Found some EGR parts and got those ready to go on. Cleaned up all the sanding dust off of everything. Found an old tail light wiring harness, I think it was from my 95 TA.  Still hunting the original power wire for the battery hook up in the old Fiero harness. I have the manual for that so I'm about to look that up.

I'm sure I'll update this post with more once I find where the battery goes because I should have a switched power available in the car now.

Success!  I can turn the key and run the starter now!

So on my next test fire, it'll be with the key and accelerator pedal!  Nice one!  Totally hip to that. B-)

Also adjusted the shifter linkage a bit.  I can now get a more positive throw forward into the odd gears, the even gears have always moved into spot plenty well.

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