Thursday, March 17, 2016

Mar 17 - Final-frikkin-ly. . . assembled AXLES!!!

So the day has come.  I finally have my axles assembled.  I have hubs that will take those axles and now I'm on to putting them into the car.  But this has been such a long road to just acquire the axles and a full assembly to turn the rear wheels, that I want to take a pause and reflect on it all.

Ok.  That shit is over.  I'm ready to get this thing done!  :-)

So much so, that I'm currently overlooking a situation that I'm not happy about with my hubs getting cut to accept my axles.  The guys cut the splined area down within the hub to make clearance for the non-splined space.  I guess.  I haven't talked to them about it, but I basically got cheated out of almost a full half inch of splined space that should have been engaged with one another.  This would mean buying new hubs all over again and sending them to the same guys (only ones I've found with the broaching bar for the 30 spline G6 axle). 

But I haven't had a chance to call them yet since the discovery, so maybe they have a legit reason.  But looking back and forth between the two parts it looks pretty obvious.  Someone measured wrong and cut it too deep on the lathe.  No one offered up the screw up prior to shipping it back to me.  So we'll see what thy have to say for themselves soon enough.

So without further ado, the requisite pics.

I was also able to hook up some 1157 fixtures to my lenses and check them out.  They're so bright it was killing my aperture compared to my flash.  I had picked up 1156 fixtures but they wouldn't fit.  So I'm putting 1157 ones in and not lighing up the tail light portion of the bulb for the amber blinkers.

Thanks for your time.  Hope some of the info in these pages helps others on similar quests.

Take care,

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