Friday, March 11, 2016

Mar 11 - Those Intakes! ! !

One of the most focused upon aspects of the Lamborghini line is the intakes for the radiators.  I didn't have an up close 'before' pic of the passenger side, but I do have what it looks like now.  I did show the Driver's side before and after though.  I like the passenger side more, it is better finished I think.  I believe I will go back and better finish the driver's side yet.

But hey, like the real Italian car, those are hand made and not every one of theirs are perfectly symmetrical.  (prior to Audi ownership anyway)

So aside from some dinking around today, this was the major thing that got done.  I have half heartedly have always dreaded doing this step.  At some point, I quit worrying about possibly screwing it up and figured I could always fix it if it turned out like crap.  So from that point on I was always looking forward to doing it, just wasn't the time to do it yet.  But now I'm about to pull the body off and mount my ducts for the radiators and the radiators themselves, so it is time to do this step.  After this setup I'll lose the opportunity to get into places on here that will be covered up from now on once mounted.

So without further ado, here are the pics.

Passenger side I did first.  Inspirational work always flows well if I can do it when I'm wanting to do it instead of when I have to do it.

Next 3 are the driver's side 'before' pic.

Next 3 are the driver's side 'after' pics.

The dinking around today was two things, one was replacing the bottom bolt on my tail light bezel.  Old one wasn't long enough to protrude through the body so I could make it an easy bolt on part.  The other was getting my sterrng wheel electrics connected to the Fiero harness.  So supposedly I have a working key switch now for power and cruise control, etc should be there too.  I'll find out more about it over the weekend as I begin to break down the colors on the wires and see what's up.

So stoked this thing is happening!!!   :-D

Take it easy y'all.

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