Thursday, March 24, 2016

Mar 23 - cleaning up motor a bit

I started going through some of the stuff on the motor and trying to clean up some connections, vacuum lines, hose routing.  I also began the heater hoses getting plumbed and coolant lines routing.  I need my vaporizer box back to be able to see where all of that will land.  Trying to get a lot of stuff into a small space.

In this pic you can see some of the hose routing.  Little things too like on the front of the water pump that sensor wire loom is tied off against the holes where the factory cable stays were.

You can actually see the top of the intake plenum again!!!  Vacuum hoses and wires are better groomed than they were before.  Computer is tied off approximately where I will make a bracket to hold it out of the way.

You can see the EGR pipe no longer connects to the exhaust manifold.  I've got that capped off on the exhaust manifold and will be using the EGR pipe to pull in the gases from the vaporizer box.  The green wire you can see hopping out of the harness is for the 1 wire connection on my alternator to factory harness.

My son installed my EGR valve for me.  It's in the foreground.

I'm starting to tie back the harness where I can to keep it out of the way of other stuff while I figure out where everything will go.  You may also see in the top left area of the firewall I have made a thing that I, 3D printed to fit onto the old engine lid bracket.  I made it have 3 blocks that have holes in them to allow me to tie off hardness, hoses, etc. to keep them out of the way.

If someone would like the object file, let me know and I will fix it so it will work straight off of the printer.  Mine was a lil too small on the bolt holes and I was little off when I made it, so I used a drill on it to make it fit.  I need to put a couple of nuts on it to secure it.

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