Monday, March 21, 2016

Mar 21 - Exhaust, axles and then some

So today was a great day.  A Miracle Monday some may say.  :-)

I got the exhaust finished up.  Well, as done as I'm going to do it for now.  I know I will always tinker with this car down the road.  Little weekend projects here and there to upgrade this or that.  Fix it up better than initial.  I'm always doing that sort of thing.  So I'm foregoing the perfectionist thing that I have done in the past to get this thing on the road.  Then once it's good to go (road worthy) then I can always come back and do some things that I thought about on the build but wanted that speed to market instead.  :-)

As I was saying the exhaust is in.  Welded up.  There are a couple of clamps, but mostly to make removing the tips easier/quicker.  I also didn't make the exits perfect.  They're close enough for who they're for.  I seen that also as a good day waster for every little tweak to even them out with each other 100%.  So I gave up on that so I could move on to the axles.  Here's some pics of the exhaust work.

Front bank of LT-1 coming down to go out the normal Fiero spot on the cradle.  The LT-1 came with 2.25" exhaust from the factory.

Rear bank.  Can see the intermediate shaft at the top of the pic.  It sort of wraps around and come underneath the shaft.  Using parts of the stock exhaust welded up to some pipe kit I bought off of Summit Racing.

It's heading in the right direction.

Better shot of the piece that crosses the rear while it was still on the table.  My funky 180 with some distance added into the apex of it.  This funky angle also worked out well to bring me back to level.

I think I need a new brush.  This one looks a bit worn out.

Then once we got the exhaust on, I had to get a shot of that prior to the axles going in.
I've seen it up in the air for so long on those jack stands I forgot how low this thing is at ride height.  Holy crap it's low!

Pulled the body off so I can make it an easier job to put the rear suspension back on with the axles in it.  I had to but the rear suspension back together too as I had it apart to pull the hubs out and send them off to be broached.

I didn't get any shots of us working on the brakes/hubs/etc getting all reassembled.  But I did shoot it once we got it back on the ground.

I am so very proud of this work.

I'm very thankful for all the support my family has given me and the help I have received in making this happen.  It has been an awesome experience.

All those other makers out there.  Keep at it.  You can make it happen.

Determination.  It'll get you places.  :-)

Take care y'all.  And be careful... it's a jungle out there!  :-)

All I'm lacking now is fuel, coolant and brakes and it'll be a drivable chassis.

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