Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Mar 09 - Steering pump is mounted

I finally got the steering pump mounted today.  It is very cool.  I think I may have found my steering pump hoses too.  Pulled them out and set them aside.  Will check them out tomorrow.

I know the pump isn't 100% level and all of that.  It'll work, though.  And I have said it here 100 times already I'm sure. . . functional first pretty second.  And yes it'll run just fine at a little tilt.  If anything it helps ensure the pump gets all of the fluid from the reservoir as the tilt helps in setting it at an angle that would make the intake to the pump the lowest point in the reservoir.

Here's a pic.  Yes, I did some welding to make it more of a mount that has bolts all the way through (5" long bolts).  There are 2 each 3/8"-16 bolts in the front and a 1/4"-20 in the rear.  I used 1/2" gas pipe that was removed from my house as the pieces I made the stand from.  It'll get cleaned up and painted before long.  Knock down some of the crap parts of the weld with a grinder and POR that thing.  :-)

I'm so happy this thing is getting done.  Have I said that yet today?  :-D

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