Thursday, March 10, 2016

Mar 10 - Steering pump has lines and fluid in it

So this will be a quick one as there isn't much more to say.  I have cleaned up the lines that went to my old LT1 steering rack, and thank goodness the LS1 steering rack uses the same lines so it has the same fittings on it.  They're different sized fittings on the rack side for supply and return, so you can't get them wrong.  That's cool.

So I have them connected up and tightened to that German torque spec, you know, guten tite.  :-D  Then I added the fluid and had my son keep turning the wheel lock to lock to burp the air out of it.  Looking good so far.  Looking forward to applying some power to it and seeing if it has any leaks under pressure.  So far no leaking with no more pressure than the wheel input is generating.  So stoked!

About to start some electrical work I suppose.  There are the beginnings of the need there.  ;-)

Tie wrap flags were left on for the pic so you can see where I needed to tidy the hoses up.  Didn't cut the pressure line at all, went right together.  Return line was cut to shorten it up some.  Still using the original hose clamp on the end that connects to the reservoir too.

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